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Global Agenda's Recursive Colony launches

Global Agendas Recursive Colony expansion, a free update and the largest content update in the history of the game, according to Hi-Rez Studios official website. Chief among the new additions is a new..


Global Agenda: Large Expansion Due in the Fall

Global Agenda. The update is due to arrive sometime in early Fall and will bring a lot of new content.Global Agenda Credits) is focused around the Recursive Colony. This is an electronic, hive-minded ..


Global Agenda Introduces Free To Play Options

Global Agenda: Free Agent, the latest update to the Shooter MMO, will enable free-to-play access to all of the games current playable content and levels with no purchase required.Global Agenda Credits..


Global Agenda goes free-to-play

Global Agenda is going free-to-play mid April with its Free Agent 1.4 update which will add Dome Defense Raid, a capture the flag style PvP mode and many other new features.Global Agenda Credits) is f..


Developer Interview: Global Agenda

Global Agenda is an online MMO that was released online-only in February, but is seeing a UK retail release this week. Global Agenda is a spy-fi MMO that offers some unexpected features. Todd Harris e..


New Mercenary PvP Maps and First DLC Release

As we know, Global Agenda developer Hi-Rez studio has acquired cult-favorite first person shooter Tribes Universe recently. Many Global Agenda players may worry that Hi-Rez studio would distract their..


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