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New Mercenary PvP Maps and First DLC Release

As we know, Global Agenda developer Hi-Rez studio has acquired cult-favorite first person shooter Tribes Universe recently. Many Global Agenda players may worry that Hi-Rez studio would distract their attention into developing Tribes Universe. If you have the same doubt, then you are wrong!

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In a recently interview with Lorehound, the executive producer Todd Harris from Hi-Rez studio announced several exciting additions coming to Global Agenda over the next few months. With the release of 1.38 update, a 1.39 update that contains a few new Mercenary PvP maps will be available to the entire community in the very near future. In addition, Hi-Rez studio will release Global Agenda's first DLC which will be mainly focus on high-level PvE content. "It will contain some PvE Open Zone content, new themed Global Agenda Credits, a new PvE Defense Mission, and our first 10-person PvE offensive Raid. A 10-person team will be able to infiltrate a hive colony node and fight new Recursive Colony bots and bosses." Todd Harris said.

Global Agenda

The development for Global Agenda will never stop. Hi-Rez studio will work hard to give players more new content. They expect to release expansion DLCs every 4-5 months.

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