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Flyff Ringmaster guide

THere is a guide for Flyff  players. Hope you like it!
In Flyff ,the Ringmaster is the other second job class for the Assist class.There is a basic Ringmaster guide for you.if you want to learn something from the guide ,just look through.Hope the article can help you.

This class is known as the support class of flyff penya, and their buffing skills only emphasize that. A Ringmaster usually partners with people much higher level then them and helps them out by buffing and healing them, in exchange for getting a share of their partners exp, allowing them to level at a much faster rate than other classes.

There is also another type of Ringmaster, the one that uses their buffs to fight instead of fully support. While slightly less effective than bps, the Battle Ringmaster (or BRM) is a powerful force to be reckoned with although i do not suggest it until Flyff gold over lvl 100.You can buy flyff penya.

becoming a Assist
Assist: In order to become an assist, you must reach level 15. Then, you go to the assist drillmaster in Flaris (next to the Mercenary drillmaster in East Flarine). Talk to him, and he’ll tell you to go kill 10 small aibatts in seven minutes. very easy done.

Once you kill the aibatts, come back to the flyff penya drillmaster, and you’ll have completed the first part. Then, he will tell you to bring 5 forforms to the assist master (npc in North Flarine, next to the mercenary master). You should have gotten these already while you were trying to get Flyff Penya to 15.


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