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Version 13 Sneak Peek

Pavels: We are planning to hold a lot of sales and events for our players this Holiday Season. Currently, we have the “12 Days before Xmas Event” Running. We are offering free bonus items for any player who purchases specific items from our Premium Shop; many users that frequent our Premium Shop have been asking for a sale like this. In the past, we would have held this sale for only one day, but this year we’re stepping it up quite a bit. We will also be holding some awesome in game events for our players. Before planning these events we always like to look to our players for suggestions.

Onrpg: What makes Flyff such a unique free MMO(flyff penya)?

Pavels: Flyff penya is one of the few free MMOs that display a willingness to evolve. As time goes on, the game experience shifts in an attempt to keep players interested and excited. We also pride ourselves on our wonderful community. Flyff penya is one of the few MMOs that emphasises GM interaction with players on a daily basis in order to keep in touch with what our players want and need. Our players are very friendly and willing to help each other. They support each other and are generally more active in game, in events and on our forums than other MMOs.

Onrpg: How strong is the current PvP aspect of the game?You can buy flyff penya.

Pavels: Although PvP is not the focus of Flyff gold, we do have a cluster with a few channels dedicated to straight hardcore PvP. No one (except low level players) is safe there. It can be tough for inexperienced players so we offer double EXP and double the normal item drop rate in those channels. While the PvP aspect of Flyff gold may be challenging, it is also very enjoyable. The atmosphere on our PvP servers can be very competitive; however the players on these servers also form some of the closest communities in Flyff.


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