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Flyff Game Overview

Flyff Penya is the flagship MMORPG from Gala-Net, inc. Developed by Aeonsoft, the game takes place in a beautifully rendered 3-D environment and features an exciting mix of high flying vehicles intertwined within fantasy-inspired game play with impressive Anime style graphics. It is completely free to download and play.

In the beginning, five beings of unlimited power saw fit to create a world. They gathered bits of themselves and, walking amongst the stars, created a world devoid of fear, of hate, and of danger.

They created the land known as Roika(flyff penya).

When they had finished, they looked upon their world and felt that it was somehow incomplete. Until, from amongst the trees, stepped the curiosity-driven Humans and, from high in the mountains and deep underground, came the mighty Dwarpets. The Gods nodded in quiet approval sensing that their world was now seemed perfect.You can buy flyff penya.


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