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Fly For Fun Client v16 - Francais

Gala Networks Eurpoe announces the new extension act VIII of the free MMORPG Fly for Fun. History of Flyff continues after the heroes of Madrigal the hateful God Murano cats in Act VII redeemed by his suffering. During this time, adventurers and explorers discovered valuable ancient inscriptions and scrolls in the underground temple of the behemoths. One day they were finally able to decipher one of the old tablets. It contained a reference to a previously unknown arena, which was called in earlier times "Coliseum". The panel described it as a place where heroes inhuman challenges and struggles to exist had. But the inscription also said even the gods would reward the true heroes of rare arms and wealth. In search of the Coliseum, the team discovered while exploring a new area, Bahara the desert, but the hunt for the legendary arena continues.

Enlargement will bring many new services like the new PvE arena Coliseum, may be in the player a legend. The Arena offers two modes, light and heavy, in which players must defeat Flyff familiar and brand new bosses from all over Madrigal. To enter the Coliseum and face the challengers to, players must compete in a group or guild with at least eight flyff penya members.

High level players can look forward to more adventures and fearsome monsters in the new area and dungeon Kalgas Bahara desert cave. Furthermore, Flyff Akt VIII and an expanded inventory of clothing and fusion system, new quests for beginners and many other enhancements included.You can buy flyff penya.


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