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Flyff: V17 Update Brings Big Changes to the Free-to-Play MMORPG

Some of the tantalizing details were just released for what is to be expected in the Version 17 update of the free-to-play MMORPG Flyff (Fly for Fun) in a sneak-peek post. Included are new areas, NPC's and artwork for new creatures and gear.

Flyff One of the biggest changes heading towards the players is that the maximum level cap for characters in Flyff will be increased to 150. This comes at a very convenient time because there will be so much more to explore and so many new enemies to defeat as the other parts of the coming update.

Flyff is an expansive and large world which players can discover and travel throughout. Now, V17 will be offering players even more to delve in to. The newest area, just west of the Kaillun Grasslands, is intended to be a desert filled with danger and intrigue.

This goes hand in hand with never before seen monsters and inhabitants. Flyff players will now be experiencing fresh challenges against unknown foes waiting for them around every corner. Some are rarer than others and may be much more resilient than you might think.

V17 will also bring with it an instanced dungeon. Only the most elite and brave players of flyff penya will be able to tackle the monsters that lie within. The location of this dungeon is going to be in the new desert-like area being added to the map.

To get better loot and face off against more powerful bosses, the Colosseum System sends groups of place head to head against NPC's. The farther the group advances, each progressive stage will present dreaded trials, which if conquered, will lead the players to glory and fame in the world of Flyff.

Ultimately, you can expect a lot of content that will offer refreshing game play, expansive areas, dangerous monsters and innovate armor sets. Creating a character, developing skills and tactics along with a want to explore, are all parts of the online game flyff penya. You can journey through the world battling creatures with your friends and completing quests for renown and powerful items.

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