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Atlantica:Enchanting and Enhancing

Today, we'll discuss Enchanting and Enhancing, two important features in Atlantica. Through these two selections, one is able to enchant or enhance an item to make it more potent and helps cut down on the need to frequently upgrade gear. if you are interested in it .just look through.Hopefully the article can help you. I believe you will learn something from it.

 First, we'll talk about "Enchanting"

 Enchanting takes place when one has two items of the same quality (note, quality used in this context means the "plus" on it, being either a normal 0, +1, +2, all the way up to +10) and some weapon, armor, or accessory enchant stones. Enchanting is a very easy thing to do; you simply right click on the stones in your inventory and a pop-up window will display three empty slots.

One is the item, the second is the sacrificial item, and the third is the needed materials, or in this case enchanting stones (weapons, armor, or accessory again).

When all items are obtained, you can click the "auto" button on the pop-up window and it'll throw in the enchantable items and fix the materials needed to enchant it (in this case, we'll use spirit armor so we need armor enchant stones) in the window. Also, if you feel like doing it by hand, you can select the items, although auto is there so we can be a little lazy

By clicking "Atlantica Online Gold Enchant" it will bring a progress meter up showing you the item enchanting, and when it finishes it brings up a message saying it has been enchanted into a (+X) where x is the number of the "plussed" item. Two normal pieces will enchant into a +1.

Two +1's will enchant into a +2 - so on and so forth all the way to the maximum of +10. There is a nifty feature built in, that will sometimes produce a greater result then what you expect. By this, I mean you can potentially enchant two +0's into a +2 and beyond instantly. I myself have did this one time and got a +4 Dark Knight's axe from two normal Dark Knight's Axes and got a server message (it was cool!) So there's always something to cross your fingers about.

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