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The guide to using your summons in seal online

The Seal Online guide to using your summons in unique ways to improve your training and fun.To enhance your Runescape experience,you should read it.Hope the article is useful to you.Maybe you will learn somgthing from it.

The expansion has reintroduced Seal Online : Evolution as an easily accessible, entry-level MMORPG (massively multiplayer online role playing game).

It is designed specifically for the younger target audience, along with casual Seal Online Cegel players new to the gaming world. Yet, it still encompasses challenging quests appealing and enjoyable to all ages.

A List of every way possible to abuse your familiars . I'll write credible suggestions down as well for people just wanting to scan the list.

Wolf: Yes, he's level 1. But Howl should send any enemy packing, most notably, unfair fights. A prime example is the infamous Shadow Dungeon boss fight, with his strong skeleton and dog guards. Run to a corner, howl away his flunkies, making the fight much much easier. If they return they'll line up behind him. Also good for Revenants

Dreadfowl: The Scrolls for the Dreadfowl can be utilized! Use them to gather in non aggressive NPCs to use chinnies or ancients spells on.

Make them all in a W pattern and blast away. Pick up the loot and scroll again in Seal Online Cegel. This is great fun for ranging and maging. It also works as a cheap attention getter/first strike spell from a distance.

It DOES mage sometimes, and can be forced to use his scroll ability if you right click and special. Very good for very mage weak creatures such as rock crabs. They're cheap and you'll have plenty to waste if you leveled properly.

Spirit Spider: Makes red spider eggs for herblore, those waiting around for any reason should use these

Thorny Snail: For trips with alot of good loot to carry, and inventory space can be lax (easyish monsters), a snail can be just the right guy for the job. Keep a pouch with you, and summon one when you're close to heading back. He can hold 3 extra items for you, effectively making your inventory space 31, since he takes quite awhile to dissapear in Seal Online Cegel.

Granite Crab: He can forage fish while you fish, giving some fish exp, good for new fishers or cooks in Seal Online Cegel. Also, for those of you using a dbaxe/pot/whip combo, he's not too bad for restoring defense and adding a bit more damage in.


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