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Planes of Telara - PvP Part I

Over the past several weekends I’ve been struggling to get all my affairs in order, in order to actually sit down and play RIFT: Planes of Telara (instead of just announcing that each beta round was starting). Finding the time was spotty, but I managed to shove a few hours of my weekends to the side, and I commanded my crap computer to behave long enough so that I might step into the shoes of the Defiant and the Guardians long enough to see what this game was about.

My time was very limited, as I always managed to sneak into the game on Sunday in the wee hours with just a few hours to my name for exploring an admittedly gorgeous (though a bit burned) world held together by a captivating story and an interesting quest/story progression. So it didn’t take long before I decided to drop all my storyline progression and start bringing the pain to any hapless newbies wandering by(Rift Gold).

Except for the fact that they brought a lot of pain to me instead.

Rift -- spotting a foe

But at least I tried. During the first two beta rounds, PvP has been limited purely to one-on-one duels because each round only focused on one of the warring races found in the game at a time; the true extent of the game’s PvP won’t be seen until at least the third beta weekend, if not further down the road.

Yes, indeed, in the early stages, RIFT(Cheap Rift Gold)’s PvP has only been limited to duels between two players, but these duels are going to be very familiar to MMO players everywhere. RIFT seems to have a recurring theme of “WoW-rehabilitation” – that is to say, a lot of the game’s mechanics and interfaces are very similar to those found in World of Warcraft, when they are not exact duplicates. Dueling is no different. In keeping with the theme of making this game accessible while slowly weaning MMO players off of WoW and onto “WoW 2.0", the duel initiation and process is the exact same as what you’d find when tackling friends and foes in Azeroth. Initiation involves choosing your victim and selecting “duel” on the drop-down menu by their portraits, asking them if they’d like their face spread out across the cobblestone (or if they want the opportunity to make you eat your words – and insides). Then after an invisible countdown(you can buy cheap rift gold), battle commences. The combat style is the exact same as WoW’s as well, so strategizing ought to be familiar to players.


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