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How This Classic Stands Today

After you level up your character’s class to 40, you can advance your character to become either one of two different subclasses. Swordsmen can be promoted to either Knights or Crusaders; Acolytes can be promoted to either Priests or Monks, and so on. Additionally, there are "Transcendent" classes you can advance to. The amount of ragnarok zeny gives you with character classes is insane and even a bit absurd. But that’s ok since you do have nine character slots available.

ragnarok zeny ’s combat is pseudo turn based, as with most MMORPGs today. You click with your mouse to move, click on enemies to attack, and use F1-F9 keys as shortcuts to use skills. There’s a good amount offensive, defensive, support and passive skills available for all classes, plus the option to earn more skills through quests. Speaking of quests, they seemed very scarce and almost non-existent in past versions of ro zeny. But now, tons of quests are available to help you earn rack up that EXP, and the new quest window is there to help you keep on track with your quests.

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