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The skills and techniques in Legend of Edda

Hello,friends.Welcome to our website.Here is the guide for you to play the game Legend of Edda well.

Meteor long-range attack skills in Legend of Edda, monthly, bimonthly meteors (meteors flame looks like there is on the back, unfortunately not as advanced training) melee range of skills and different emphasis in the enhance the day to enhance not only attack power, attack from the fact there are slightly upgrade interrupted because 30% of chance and attack power than cut class on skills, usually killing, murder, the goddess of the moon or be rushed trying to chop as much as possible. And the site would provide you the cheapest Legend of Edda gold  with the fastest delivery.


But can not give up long-range skills, because they are in some case is also very useful, will be back on the usefulness of that group to group to kill kill moon very interesting, can not be upgraded to increase the attacking skills of Legend of Edda gold distance from the fighting skills far more than the number surpasses almost no long-range loe gold less, should be considered in the attack force, but the distance to the fairly substantial, with flames and cup cane incantation to Shaguai still very easy.


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