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Return of The God Later This Month

The all-new features include a multitude of exciting content including the highly-anticipated upgraded third job classes, all-new maps, dungeons, skills, new items and much more.

"Legend of Edda fans gave us their feedback and we have taken to heart what they wanted for their game," said Uyen Uyen Ton Nu, head of marketing for GamesCampus. "Players will be surprised and excited at the sheer number of updates, new content and new features they will get to experience at the end of this month with the launch of Legend of Edda gold Chapter 2: Return of the God."

Legend of Edda Chapter 2: Return of the God has been designed exclusively with the needs of the player community in mind. Players will face unrivaled adventure and fantasy as they journey through the epic battle of the Gods of the Olympus and the Titans. After pledging their allegiance to either Olympus or Titan, players will face off in fast-paced loe gold PvP and RvR battles in this adorable but hardcore MMORPG.


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