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Meet Great Changes of Legend of Edda in Upcoming OBT

How is your experience of Legend of Edda Closed Beta so far? Does it meet beyond your expectations? The CBT has come to an end on October 11th at 9:59 AM PDT, and the open beta will begin 3 days after on October 14th 10:00 AM PDT!

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Changes in Upcoming Open Beta:

Increased Level Cap to 40!
2 New Dungeons!
1 New Sacred Treasure War Map(loe gold)!
More Daily Sacred Treasure Battles!
Greater Sacred Treasure War Rewards!

Also, the upgrading system will be revamped completely! Currently, the upgrading system is the same as Legend of Edda gold  KR, in which the possible outcomes are Fail(Broken), Fail(Downgrade), Fail(No Change), and Successful(Upgrade). During Open Beta, the system will be changed to either Fail(Broken) or Success(Upgrade) only. The percentages of Fail(Downgrade) or Fail(No Change) will be added to the percentage of successfully upgrading an item, which means players will have a higher chance of achieving succesful upgrades!


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