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Return of the God Launches

Chapter 2: Return of the God launched today for the popular MMO Legend of Edda. Return of the God is a major update that contains upgraded third job classes, four open-world maps, three new instanced dungeons and a brand new guild skill system. The Chapter 2 update also includes more than 280 new equipment items.

“This is the biggest Legend of Edda update since launch and includes agreat deal of enhancements and upgrades for our players,” said Uyen Uyen Ton Nu, head of marketing for GamesCampus. “We know players have been waiting for the new job classes, and we are thrilled to launch them today along with so many new updates and features that are sure to boost their total gaming experience.”

Players at level 40 will now be able to advance to their 3rd Job Classe which include Templar, Legend of Edda gold, Shadow Runner, Scout Bishop and Necromancer. The level cap has also been increased from 40 to 54 with new high-level skills. The Guild Skill system has also been raised to 5.

Players will enjoy the new camera rotation feature as they now will be able to rotate the camera 360 degrees along with a unique new Friend System update, Mail System, Custom Keymapping and Faction Buffs that can be earned server wide to increase the Experience and item drop rates of an entire faction(loe gold).

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