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Archer skills in Legend of Edda

Legend of Edda is under new management here at Aeria Games and Entertainment, the new Product Manager for this game is aeria_ks1lent, and the future for the game looks much better now than it has in some time. In the weeks and months to come, many changes are intended to be implemented, as well as long-awaited fixes for various bugs. There will also be new content released, as usual. We hope to Test things as thoroughly as possible before unleashing them on the unsuspecting players.

These changes may produce some temporary "growing pains", but the end results will worth it. Please be patient as the GSes, Mods, GMs, and game Product management team work together(loe gold), to improve this game(Legend of Edda gold). Many players have been complaining about a number of things for over a year. GSes and Mods have likewise petitioned for improvements. The new Production team is listening to us, and several things are in the works.

Contrary to the ever-popular rumor, power leveling is not going to go away or be made bannable. Certain exploits that have been used along with power leveling(Legend of Edda gold), however, that are already bannable, and will be coded out of possibility.


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