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Sword with some talent of Legend of Edda

Sword is not weak, which does not disadvantage career? The following gift to share with you the experience, for reference only. Talent, with some very practical and very suitable for PK. To 180 full-level example. In fact, the high-Sword attack at least 177 will be the lightning that to be fully played in Legend of Edda. Gas gathering system (first line): fingering specialization 10, the effect increased 68% fingering hurt.

Bulk Gas System (Tertiary): 41 points, three fingering assigned to each 10-point talent, down payment of God itself 1:00, hit 10 points. Effect: fingering cooling decreased by 8 seconds, fingering maim damage increase 22%, fingering fatal injuries by 30%, 67% of all disabling injuries Legend of Edda gold increase. Equipment to measure mass in the two team up + Legend of Edda gold state Chu Sian 3000 did not attack the problem, although the lower point, but somehow an example of the maximum can reach 5000.

The effect of specialization through fingering, 1J lightning damage refers to as the 4100, 3000 + people for the 7000 attack itself, deducting 1000 defense figures, the actual Legend of Edda gold to 6000, the disability of the X2 is 12,000 injuries, 22% + 67 by talented % disabled enhanced to achieve 22,680, even through the clouds a disability can achieve 1W +loe gold damage, coupled with Firewater, a good powerful Sword.


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