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The newest and Amusing Legend of Edda

I have played the newest game that is called Legend of edda just for a short time; I played all of soldiers, Master and Priesthood and got much legend of edda gold. The soldier is 75 grades, master is 55 and priesthood is 50, but I like the soldier best. Some others asked me why would give up; I do not know how to say.

At first, I started playing was because of seeing a brother added the forum force-sensitive and I felt pretty good. The speed of exercising stage was felling well, it would be happy to a person who like exercising stage. Maybe it is unbelievable to you that I just started doing the task of making rings of 23 and earrings of 43 when I was more than 50 levels(Legend of Edda gold).

In my savings of all aspects, I got to 60, but I did not feel good when I saw there was only 50 million in pockets. Then under the guidance of my friends I began to play BB, I was confident to fight against the same level drill. But it made me feel cold when I was been dropped back to the city.

The BB been beat by me cost me a lot, besides spending a lot of money, the feeling of when I had dead for 7 times but got nothing was painful(loe gold). Then I risk my life to exercising stages and supplement the physique.


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