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several great recipe to make money

Legend of Edda 80 class assassin, who ingot 10,001 thousand, gold coins more than 1,000 W, there are two 2900 + +7 chest growing naughty baby (I especially like the chest) and 4 finished a very good baby, a 3 grade stones. Although there is a big gap between the RMB players, but players point of view of non-Renminbi very good. did not want to write, but players see a lot of non-RMB 7080 and still is garbage with a baby, all equipment, tunnel, want to help them, so now I make announcement Legend of Edda Gold3 big trick:

1, Tales: go hang it, the only experienced low-level, but also linked to the chest and refined copper metal box, the two are very good things Oh, fine metal box I have a very fixed source, hanging day 1.5W / a guide, wholesale to him, I hung one day No. 3 (not 24 hours hanging) can be linked group 1, and this income is 100W +Legend of Edda gold, get some copper box, then your key (or buy others , not on the 4000 / to) open to open, a treasure map and the awakening of a synthetic character, etc. Basically, do not earn a loss (do not buy a key to open the store), and then hang up at the same time concerned about the time, one to the whole point time to go chest to open space, 8 lines for the open, no problem, then the general character able to open at least a character or a synthesis of awakening, of course, also open to the value of a debris lifted 2Legend of Edda Gold ah;

2, to the fog and into the cave to open gold chest secluded house of fire to open the box, the location of the gold chest on plug-ins to play more, it is easy to find, both boxes are 8 lines for the open, out of at least 30 more than W, then all the way to see the specter of picking the grass, and enough gold 20 expedition enchant loe gold.


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