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Kabod Online might be the most controversy online video game

It’s party time for grown-ups. Cloaked under the cover of traditional MMO, Kabod Online, a video game containing sexual contents has called to the adult entries.

Kabod Online might be the most controversy online video game ever made. Developed by the Korea-based Kabod Entertainment, Kabod Online is a free-to-play fantasy MMORPG set in the medieval times. Targeting at the adult audience aged from 25 years old to 35, the 18+ game is undoubtedly charged with violence, gambling and sex.

Kabod Online provides 4 character classes: Knight, Rogue, Mage and Archer, the fourth class not available at the moment. With an open world PvP setting, one of the core elements is called Criminal system which encourages robbery when players choose to be a Villain. As contrasted with Villain, players have the alternative selection to develop into a Pioneer who keeps justice. Another system, Magic Pattern system, is an exciting way to reinforce the attributes of equipment. Although players can equip their characters by purchasing various weapons and armors from the in-game shops, the system enables them to upgrade the gear by their own with an uncertain outcome.

In order to stimulate sexual desire, Destroyable Armor (suit) system, (Kabod Gold)another main feature, causes the decline of armor durability. As a result, the avatars will become almost nude with weapons held in the hands, and so do the monsters. Furthermore, players will be sure to enjoy the unique NPC dating system. In Kabod Online, players are given the right to seduce NPCs of different sexes, and even make a date with them in the village. It seems Kabod will add more intimacy performance like shaking hands, asking for hugs or kissing with others in the future development.

Actually, the above adult elements, especially violence and sex parts, will be adjusted according to players’ practical requirements, because Kabod has to consider the entire gaming environment for the sake of harmony. In any case, Kabod Online is intended for the particular group, and therefore attract the adult eyes.

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