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Kabod Online is a new +18 MMO

Kabod Online is a new +18 MMO, that shows, as you might guess, nude parts or let us say some x-rated stuff. Kabod Online comes with some simple and common game mechanics, like some Enchantments, PK -System, Backpacks, etc..But there are also some new parts, like the "Armor Destroy System" that shows damaged armor after a lot of fights, showing some scratches of monsters or shredded clothes.

And also the PK System is different to other games. They call it "Crime System" so you can steal other Player's Items and rob them or even kill them while traveling across the world. But you'll get punished for stealing and killing other people, so be warned. The Enchantment-system works with so called "Magic Pattern Cards" that you can find by killing certain mobs. Those cards have to be placed in Card slots, that are only available in certain weapons/armors you first have to find!

For now there are 3 classes in Kabod Gold: Knight, Rogue and Mage. (The fourth class "Archer" is showed up on the website of the Game, but it's not available at this moment, let us hope they implement it later on in Game.) You can choose wether you pick male or female class, and that's it. No more options, no more customizations. Also there are not many options to set up while playing, just sound options, and simple graphic options, like resolution and gamme values.

I just ignored those nude image pictures spammed all over the mmosites and gave this game a try. So first I opened their website and created a new account, no problems and got one, althought this game is in beta or better alpha status, all people can play it, it's global alpha testing time ;). The website makes a good impression and it's filled with the most needed and common stuff. It has a drop-down menu like the most newly created game websites, that shows the whole features of the site, by just hovering your mouse over one button/option on the page. A right download link and some screenshots were fastly found and I started to download the game, while looking a bit more over that website. If you take a deeper look at the site, it just has some needed game guides and game infos, but not more.. I think it's still in development. And you can read or see that the Developers don't use english as their motherlanguage.. some mistakes here and there, but mainly understandable and ok.. so let's start the Game!

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