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All in all Kabod Online is surely worth a try

All in all Kabod Online is surely worth a try and left us hoping for better system and changes, that should be made. This Game has some real potential, and should definitly use this, but it needs a lot of work to make it more competitive.

Magic Items are really rare and not that special, just cool looking weapons/armors with some effects, like fire or ice and Kabod some slightly increased values. Nothing special so far.

But sadly I finally found out, why this game is +18 rated. Some players standing here and there, nearly naked on a wooden stump and posing like some playboy-girls. Just idiotic. This effect comes with the Armor-Destroy Kabod Gold System implemented to the Game. Mainly it’s a really cool idea, but it’s really abused here in Kabod Online. Every equipment part has a duribility value, like 100 or 150, that value drops point by point, when you get damaged or hit by monsters.

At some specific amounts the armors gets destroyed and shows more and more of your naked body, showing shredded parts and such things. But mainly this system is only for nude purposes! My main armor dropped down to 0 duribility, while my other equipment parts, like gauntlets, shoes, shoulders, helmet, shield, weapon, etc. still were at 100% of the duribility.

So the System is only used to show people naked characters.. unneeded, if you ask me, could be made better, and not with showing breasts. Just google if you want to see some, but you shouldn’t have to play a game to see them that often. Really sad.

In summary Kabod Online shows some basic parts and some neat graphic effects here and there, especially for character details. But it sill needs a lot of work, more items, more Kabod Online Gold monsters a lot more variety in everything. Some major changes and fixes, like removing that unneccessary nude stuff, but keep the armor-destroy-system, because it makes the game more realistic.

It’s enough if you see the bra, or shorts or whatever, but not naked bodyparts like breasts.. It also lacks in animation variety, you fastly get bored of the 4-hit-combo of the knight, it’s still the same, no mather what weapon or level you have.

Also the Criminal System needs some fixes, in my opinion, because it sucks if you walked like hours to get to the certain place to kill the questmonsters or get some items and some high Buy Kabod Gold level player comes across attacking and killing you, so you have to walk the whole way again. This should be an option, that you can set to on or off, or whatever.. cause this is just annoying.

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