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od Online Developer Explained Featured Adult Elements

Kabod Online is scheduled to start its first closed beta, second closed beta in September, pre-open beta in November, and open beta in winter. The game has been exported to Hong Kong, and its operatio..


18+ MMO Kabod Online Released a New Video Showing Robbing

Kabod Online, an MMORPG being developed by Korea-based Kadod Entertainment, will meet all players with its first closed beta test. Recently, Kabod Online released a new gameplay video for its upcoming..


Kabod Online might be the most controversy online video game

Kabod Online, a video game containing sexual contents has called to the adult entries.Kabod Gold)another main feature, causes the decline of armor durability. As a result, the avatars will become almo..


Kabod Online is a new +18 MMO

Kabod Online is a new +18 MMO, that shows, as you might guess, nude parts or let us say some x-rated stuff. Kabod Online comes with some simple and common game mechanics, like some Enchantments, PK -S..


Adult Only Kabod Online Open Beta Starts Today

Kabod Online has announced that it will begin its open beta, starting March 10th (6pm PST, 9pm EST) and 2am March 11th in the UK (GMT).


All in all Kabod Online is surely worth a try

Kabod Online is surely worth a try and left us hoping for better system and changes, that should be made. This Game has some real potential, and should definitly use this, but it needs a lot of work t..


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