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I will now share some tips and tricks to the PK server I have learned over my time here, after which, I will begin to discuss the PvP arena on non-PK servers. One of the most important things I can stress for those of you who do not wish to obtain negative karma is be careful with your damage reflecting skills such as Crucio for Psykeepers, and Pain Dealer for Knights, because they will always hit first and you will become a criminal. Also, damage reflecting weapons such as Guardian Axe and Fist of Revenge work in the same way. The Arena outside of Saint Morning is usually used for duels in which both players must agree to duel, however, on the PK server, anything goes and anyone above level 15 is free game. You will not receive karma for killing someone in the arena, however if that person is a criminal, he/she may still drop items and penya.

If you kill a criminal in the arena, and he/she has bounty placed on his or her head, you may still collect it from the bounty officer. Another trick if you plan on going on the PK server is to go and get a light blue name. This can be done by first finding a friend that you can trust, whacking them once, and then letting them kill you so you go to jail(flyff penya). You want a friend to do this so that you will get your items back. Once you are in jail, speak to the NPC next to the bank I think the name is something like Heron or something, but I cannot exactly remember. He will instruct you to kill 50 monsters to have your karma removed. DO NOT DO THIS QUEST!!!! Instead, sit down and wait on your karma to recover until once again you are white named. At this point you can either attack one of the guards, die, and resurrect at the loadlight. Or you may use a key, it is your choice. Once you are out of jail, find your friend again. This time attack and kill him or her, making your name purple, then immediately get on your board or broom and wait for them to come back. Make sure no one else is around, and let your friend kill you. Then go back to jail yet again.

This time get the quest to kill 200 monsters. Do both of them and turn them in so that you now have a light blue name and a good amount of positive karma. Now you may leave Kebaras, and you will be less tempting to passing Pkers. You may also get Green, and dark blue names. I am still experimenting with these and will add to the guide when I work it all out. You should always be careful when you AoE on the PK server, because sometimes players will come on a low level character and get where you are AoE'ing, making it attack and kill them. Then a high level friend of there's drops down and kills you and they get your items and money, and you lose 3% exp.You can buy flyff penya.


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