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Having multiple difficulty levels

There are numerous dungeons to go through, and each one is labeled by what level the players should be. Each dungeon also has various difficulty levels that, when revisited, yield higher rewards to players.

Also, at the end of each dungeon the dfo gold player gets a score based on the overall damage, the amount of contribution to the party, and other overall performance statistics. The scores go from FFF for the worst, to S for the best. Depending on the final grade, an additional reward is given upon completion.



Did you just call me a bull?! I’m a Minotaur!

Having multiple difficulty levels for (dungeon figher online gold)each of the dungeons gives players incentive to go through them multiple times, and in turn yields more valuable, or even rare, quest rewards. All difficulty levels aren't open at first and must be unlocked by achieving a certain rank on the easier difficulty. Having the unlocking system ensures that players don't initially jump into the harder difficulty, but rather work their way up to reap more precious rewards.You can buy dfo gold.

The dungeons themselves are not dungeons in the literal sense, but rather instanced areas which are themed on the area that they are in(dungeon figher gold). Some are goblin-infested forests, icy mountains, and underground cave areas. These different themed areas make certain that every environment is uniquely presented, but having to go through them at varied difficulties multiple times could possibly tire out gamers, so hopefully Gameci adds more dungeons by the time of its final release.


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