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Nexon: 5 Classes for Dungeon Fighter Online

LOS ANGELES, CA (Dungeon Fighter Online) - Nexon America announced today details on the five awesome character classes in its new action MMO, Dungeon Fighter Online. Set to premiere later this year, Dungeon Fighter Online, is a free-to-play, free-to-download, arcade-style, action adventure game set in an immersive role-playing fantasy world. In addition to the beloved 2D side-scrolling play, it also includes the ability to create fully customized characters. Once players are decked out and loaded up, they can master intense fighting combinations and put them to use against monsters and other players.

The Dungeon Fighter Online Web site features exclusive game information, in-game screenshots, a trailer video and a new Forum page for dfo gold  players to start discussing the game. It also details the five character classes, which will help players choose who they want to be when they brave the dangerous dungeons of Arad:

Slayer - A swordsman of the highest caliber(dungeon figher online gold), doomed to carry with him the demon Kazan, who possesses his body and delivers him his power.You can buy dfo gold.

Fighter - A gladiator who thrives in close-range, hand-to-hand combat, in which she exploits a wide assortment of bone-shattering fighting techniques.

Gunner - Tall and lithe, this mysterious alien marks targets from afar and then blows them away with every kind of firearm imaginable(dungeon figher gold).


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