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increases duration of summons

Today, we got the article for DFO players from other site, hope you like it, may it can help you more or less.

Elementalist: Elemental focus, chance of reducing resistance to an element when hit with that element, it seems pretty useful, especially for multihit skills like void. Astral storm, crystals fall from the sky in rapid succession and explode after a few seconds. There is a final explosion at the end, it is good damage and hits many enemies. Seems to work on bosses pretty well too. We provide dungeon figher gold  for you.

Summoner: Spirit bond, increases duration of summons, decreases cast time of summon spells. We feel like it will only save some mana in the end. We guess it could be useful for some of your heavier hitting summons that you do not want to recast or have long cool-downs. Other than that, we do not like it. Just how much faster does a summoner have to cast, anyway? Could be helpful in dfo gold PvP.

Conqueror Kasijas, demon that knocks things down on summon dfo gold and disappears in a flurry of blades that hits 20 times. Strength of summon is unknown, though his attacks seem to be wide and far-reaching, really kind of dependent on how strong the summon is, and we have even less of a clue of this than the other awakenings.You can buy dfo gold.

Thanks for your reading. If you have no time to level up your charcter, we provide the dungeon figher online gold   with a lower price, please place an order right now.


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