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ARGO Online is a futuristic

ARGO Online throws players into a war-torn, futuristic world where two factions - the tech-savvy Noblians and the nature-inspired Floresslah - are trapped in a longstanding struggle for control of the mysterious and powerful resource known as Earthdium. Players in the world of ARGO Online will have to carefully choose which faction they want to support as they take on thousands of quests, participate in epic battles spanning hundreds of players at a time, ARGO Gold and learn various trades to contribute to their race's success.

Developed by MGame, ARGO Online is a futuristic, steampunk-themed MMORPG featuring thousands of exciting quests(ARGO Gold), epic battles with hundreds of players, and a wide variety of PvP modes. Combining classic MMO features like a pet system, unique professions, and auctions with an engrossing background story and a vividly imagined world, players on both continents are sure to be captivated by ARGO Online when it reaches North America and Europe next spring.

For more information about ARGO Online, including details about the Noblian faction’s eight essential classes, visit the teaser site at the official site(ARGO Online Gold).


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