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The important of your level in Shaiya

The color of a mob's name is not just to make it look pretty, it is to inform you what level that mob is in relation to your own level in Shaiya . In PvP all enemies have red names and there is no way of knowing what level  an enemy player is. But for PvE it goes like this. The higher the level of the target the more EXP you gain, but the harder it is to kill.

A white named mob is levels(Shaiya Gold) 6 or more levels below you. You gain no EXP for killing them. A light blue mob is 4 or 5 levels below you. A dark blue mob is 2 or 3 levels below you. A green mob is the same level or within one level of your own. A yellow mob is 2 or 3 levels higher than you. An orange mob is 4 or 5 levels higher than you. A red mob is 6 or 7 levels higher than you. A purple (pink) mob is 8 or 9 levels higher than you. A gray mob is 10 or more levels higher than you. (You gain no EXP for killing them.) .

The level difference is a huge part of the game in terms of what it does to the performance of your character. There are "penalties" involved when facing a higher level target. Against a green mob, which is the same level as you, there are no penalties. You'll do your full damage and get hit for its full damage. Your hit rate and what not will all be unpenalized. In terms of damage, you won't hit a white mob for more than you hit a green mob, all other things being equal. But in terms of defense and dodging ability, you will perform better against lower level targets. Because by being higher level than it, the mob is now being penalized in accuracy and damage etc. That being said, when you fight a yellow mob, YOU are being penalized in your damage ability and accuracy etc. even more so with orange, red, purple, and gray. The bigger the level difference, the more you get penalized.

And everything about your performance will be penalized; that's important to note. Maybe you have 1000 ATK power, and maybe Cloron Dragon has 600 DEF . Shaiya Gold That should mean you hit it for 400 damage. But if Cloron is red to you, you will hit for far less because of the level penalties. It also means you will miss completely most of the time because the level difference negatively affects your accuracy rate. Critical damage gained from LUC is affected just the same, while it ignores the DEF stat it does not ignore the level difference of your target.

Thus the single most important thing you can do to improve your performance in this game is to level up, unless you are already level 60. So that being said, Shaiya Gold any kind of testing in regards to how stats affect performance need to be tested against same level targets or the results will be flawed. Unless you are specifically testing with the level difference variable in mind for some purpose.

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