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How does this impact players in PvE and PvP

How does this impact players in PvE and PvP?
Fred White:
We have seven classes in the game, each with male and female counterparts. Rohan Online. is more of a PvP game than a PvE game, though we do have our share of PvE players. So when we talk about "balance between classes", we typically are referring to the PvP players. Also, the game has a heavy party/guild component, which is factored into the builds. Balance between the classes is obviously important in any MMORPG that features PvP/PK. As you can imagine, adding a new race requires great attention to detail in order to be sure that an effective balance is maintained. As time goes on, and we see player preferences, we are able to make adjustments on the fly. We are actually in the midst of another class-wide skill review right now, to that end. It's really a never-ending process.


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