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Brief Introduction for Rohan Online

Rohan Online,opposition forces soon step down and humans catch up with his knight, and support of his people fled to the mainland to the north of the island, which is Danes ancestor. Since the birth of Dan ethnic background, Dan tribe of young people have to start early in the assassination of technology practice, so that can protect their own safety.

so their own with the mainland has created a distinct socio-cultural and special weapons(rohan gold). They live in Liberty City Pa Le taluka, and faith and Aide Nai-wen, the main god. Has a fatal blow to attack and kill the assassins, not only can quickly attack the enemy, but also has a high dodge to avoid each others attack power. Assassin mainly close-fatal attacks on each others positions and the toxic properties of the main assassin, and he attacks to give additional damage to each other.

The Fifth Race Declan, so that players can see the true face of this race. Have to absorb each others vitality and skill Dragon Declan, occupations belong to Mo Jhansi which may use separate types of weapons, through high-speed action, combined with the therapeutic gain of Magic has become a very important team role. Here is rohan gold.

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