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Luna Online: New Matchmaking System Coming This Week

Gala-Net, on online games publishing company, has announced a new feature coming to the world of Luna Online this week. The New Matching System will arrive on July 13th and is going to make it easy for you to find other players to adventure with or just add them to your own party.

Luna Online Ever get sick of tirelessly looking for a group to join and never being able to find just the right one? Well, the new Party Matching system in Luna Online should help alleviate all of those problems! According to publishers Gala-Net (Flyff, Prius Online), the new system makes it a breeze to find or join a group.

There are several factors which are taken into account in the new Party Matching system in Luna Online Gold : level range, location, number of members and more. Each of these will help you define exactly what kind of group you are looking for. Additionally, you can create your own party using this interface and shows which players are looking for a party, including their class, which makes it quite simple to create a perfectly balanced group.

This, of course, is very handy when travelling the world and looking for adventure. Luna Online is full of dungeons and powerful monsters that sometimes just cannot be taken down alone. Hopefully with this new interface, players will be able to join up with other heroes quickly to take down mighty foes!

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