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Luna Online Malaysia Open Beta

Run Up Game Officially announced they are going to launch "LUNA Online", (+8 GMT). This will be the first LUNA Online English version.

LUNA Online is developed by EYA Interactive from Korea; they have spent 3 years to develop this Cute Style Fantasy MMORPG. This game has already achieved great success in Korea(luna online gold), Thailand, Taiwan and Japan. Now it will be launching the first English service.

Luna online is a MMORPG where Elfs and Humans must bond together(cheap luna gold) to fight the evil that invades their Blue land. Game characters are super cute style, with very manga-like (cartoon-like) facial expression. The game also provides the unique "Friendship system" and "Family system",luna online gold and it has a very convenient trading, dating, family and community system for everyone. You can also build up your farm, plant, business, train and feed your own lovely mounts and pets.You can buy luna gold.


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