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Luna Online Upgrades to Plus with New Expansion

Get strong this summer with Luna’s Summer Buff event. Each week for the rest of the summer we will be applying awesome buffs to help you kick that monster butt!

Each buff gives a 20% increase to one of physical attack, magical attack, or physical and magical defense. They will rotate each week from now through September 14th, and will start during maintenance each week on Wednesday.

Plus, you can get even stronger with our EXP buffs! Each week we will have either +50% EXP for all characters (luna online gold) or +100% EXP for characters over level 50.

Finally, the week of September 7th we will go all out and give you all three attribute buffs and both EXP buffs!

How to participate: Just log in and play! Your buffs will be applied automatically, last through death, and stack with any other buffs you use cheap luna gold!

Characters level 130 and above can venture into the home of the Crystal King, who reigns in the Crystal Empire Dungeon. To get ready for the journey, Luna Plus has implemented a revolutionary party matchmaking system to make looking for group easy for all. An easy search interface helps players find the perfect party based on level and destination zone. When time is of the essence, the system automatically joins players to parties looking for a specific class or level.You can buy luna gold.


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