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Description of Luna Online

BSEditor: Luna Online Gold is a free-to-play fantasy MMORPG emphasizing user communities. Among the game's unique social features are the Match Making System, which helps players find the perfect match to play with, and the Family System, which encourages players to join up and operate a FARM together. Other features include flexible character development with over 40 jobs, superior graphics, cute character designs, and fast-paced action.

(1) To get started, you'll need to install and update Luna Online to the latest version. Now you're in game!

(2) The first window you'll see is the 'Server Select' window. Don't worry about the key code right now. You don't have one selected so just leave it blank... or click in your favorite number, it's all the same.You can buy luna gold.

(3) Awesome, you remembered your ID and Luna Online Gold Password. Remember, don't share that with anyone. If you do, it could mean trouble. Anyways, let's move on.

(4) Now this is where the Fun Stuff begins! You've got your starting line-up right in front of you! You can have 5 characters on your account.

(5) From here you can select your race, class, sex, and luna online gold  your appearance. There are lots of combinations you can choose, so take your time and find a look you like.

(6) I like this look so I'll stick with it. So now pick your name and click 'Create Character.' Now you're off to the World of  cheap luna gold!!


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