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Knight PvP Strategy

Knight Using light foot (Wednesday), not Swift. And the low frequency you can a hurry, or off on a bad situation.knight noah). Shanghai 250% of the total number of clicks for the damage, unless the li..


Guide for Skill Using in Knight

knight noah).Light Pit can makes you run as if you had light feet for some time.Hide which can turns you invisible for some time (dunno for how long).Drain Restore can heals you an amount of HP for a ..


The memory with knight online

Knight Online is, without a doubt, the best game I have ever played. This game was introduced to me by Blazerpahan, an engineer from Petronas Carigali. I started playing this back in October 2005 with..


Game Description and Comments

Knight Online is a free MMORPG with lush 3D graphics set in a medieval world. It should be noted that Knight Onlines 3D graphics are somewhat of a rarity in the genre since not all free online RPGs or..


Forgotten Frontiers Expansion of Knight Online

Knight Onlines new expansion Forgotten Frontiers leading up to the launch. Here are the details:The castles of Oreads have been fortified and are ready to withstand the toughest of attacks. The fight ..


Knight Online Holiday Events Announcement

Knight Online, a premier MMORPG title of GamersFirst, celebrates the holidays with multiple holiday events in-game.Parfaits Gift - This is a special holiday gift that can be obtained by defeating snow..


Knight Online Reaches Over 4 Million Registered Users

Knight Online game developer, Mgame Corporation , and publisher K2 Network, Inc., announced today that fantasy MMORPG, Knight Online, has reached a major milestone with K2 Network now supporting more ..


Knight: The Character of Assasins

Knight Player, and we sincerely hope it can help you more or less.knight noah service. As a sin, you must be able to combo consistently. For example: under pressure if you want to do well in CZ. 00000..


Rogue and assassin in Knight(part five)

knight noah. Here we will provide you some useful information about Rogue and assassin and I got it from other websites, hope it could help you.knight noah), so you have to be careful and stick to you..


Knight: The Role of Log

Knight Online is free to play, free2play account does not fancy, it does not mean that your better when you pay. In fact, one account, all countries bronze 24 / 7 access and the like 6 hours before th..


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