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The memory with knight online

Knight Online is, without a doubt, the best game I have ever played. This game was introduced to me by Blazerpahan, an engineer from Petronas Carigali. I started playing this back in October 2005 with human warrior named Klutklet.

The first few weeks I played I couldn’t get over how amazing this game was and I didn’t know how to stop this game! MYKO was the game I really had an addiction to. I was hooked, I loved to play, and did so at every opportunity. Then I created another character, Acunnya, the human female rouge.



I still remember those nice noob parties back in Morodon killing those worms to get level. Those were the sweet memories to all Malaysian Knight Online(knight noah) players (MYKO), who started from level 1 until maximum level of 70.

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