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Rogue and assassin in Knight(part five)

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Advanced party tactics.

You are going to assume that you are pking as part of an 8-man party. You probably do not have the best items, or super-high level(knight noah), so you have to be careful and stick to your job. Firstly, consider the threat from each party you fight, and adjust your defense armours accordingly. If you see 3 strong warriors all using raptors, chuck on the spear defense, as much as you have. If you see a bunch of sins, use that dagger helm. You could get the idea. It does not matter if your attack gets lowered a lot, your role is to pick off redballers with a quick combo, and to attack the main targets, cancelling their skills. Your are not the main damage dealer, leave that to warriors and paper mages.

Who are main targets? Well you are used to have a little order you used with your old clan to determine this:
1) Full healer(knight noah) INT priest
2) Debuffer battlepriest
3) Debuffer INT priest
4) Light Mage
5) Other mages
6) Warriors
7) Anyone else

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