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Some Skill for Level 15-20 in Flyff

Hope you have a wonderful time in game. We got the information in other site for Flyff players, hope you like it.

A great time to play, you can use your new attacks, skills, weapons(flyff penya), and you can buy stuff. So, your level 15 and you want to know what to kill, rather you should kill Feferns still or go on to those weird named Sleaze cats. Well as we said in the last part, if you kill things the same level as you, you will not get good exp, in fact, it will reduce by as much as 50%. The right thing to kill is a Nyangnang in that case. If you have buffs, or a party, then you can go kill bangs, boss bangs, or mutant monsters. A lot of times you do not know a lot of assists that can stay with you and that keep buffing you.

But if you do, then you are good to go. So continue to kill level 17-25's and reach level 20. Once level 20 you will have to be proud of yourself because now you can fly. Fly away little birdie, if you would like, you could increase your flying level, or just continue to train. Flying Level: Flying level is increased by killing monsters in the sky, Flyff Penya not by how much you fly. Different boards are available to buy. For starters, just buy the beginner board.

Easy way to increase flying level. An easy way to increase your flying level is to look at the monster in the air, press TAB. Once done, your monster will be targeted. For a mage at this point just put on a wand and keep clicking. For other classes you can then press Z key. You will now be following the monsters. Just put on your weapon and start attacking.You can buy flyff penya.


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