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New Flyff Weapon Attachment Plug

Flyff monster: Captain Rockepellers. Between the aerial flight is low Flaris and reaches elder brother's path, moreover in the high air is only a little its south. These are the high HP monsters, completely useless killing, if is plug not. These monster electric power, therefore they will suffer + the Earth weapon injury. Why is this suggests on the fining + Earth all equipments.

Disposition: You need a level(flyff penya)48 - 52 character. The dexamethasone mercenaries establish or Master the FullINT first choice.
Where: Is reaching the elder brother and Flaris.
Kills: Captain Rockepellers, flight monster, lvl50.
Why: CptRockepellers could not grasp drops 1 plug 9 huge possibilities.

Depreciation plug 9. Instruction which makes by Woxxy. Moreover now this guide is about the plug 9, but this has not changed anything nearly. Now has a new weapon paragraph.You can buy flyff penya.


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