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Flyff Known Flying Devices

Name - Speed - Description: Follows
1. Magic Broom - 132kph - These are the suckiest broom that no one likes. They're cheap, wooden and basically only there if you're really poor.

2. Kestrel Broom - 167kph - Slightly faster and 12k more expensive than the Magic Broom. Has a three-edged back to amplify speed and style.

3. Flicker Broom - 189kph - The second-best of the available brooms. The Flicker Broom boasts sharp arched handle for increased speed and safety.

4. Projan Broom - 218kph - The finest release of the broom prototypes, the Projan Broom is known for it's magical properties that greatly enchance flying speed.

5. Hover Board - 132kph - Made of cheap ply wood, Aibatt nails and flyff penya, these boards tend to break at high altitudes. The price is cheap, however, and is fit for starters.

6. Aero Board - 167kph - An improved version of the Hover Board. The sides were improved to no longer break at high altitudes. It costed them to make it 12k more expensive.

7. Wilduck Board - 189kph - Can be considered decent enough. This board is designed for continent exploration.

8. Ignice Board - 218kph - Named after it's founder Noier Ignice of the Flaris Astronomical Center, these 200k boards are magically empowered for high-speed aerial surfing.

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