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Flyff Family Community

Flyff family:
Now the family system, complete the degree may be only about 35%, can be regarded as games are played, and basically only two pieces of family skills and family tasks, now being vigorously developed system is empty boat, which is family-specific equipment, but also the core of the family play, the family have a core interest received by the family territory war territory, rich in Spirit in the stone above, floating stones, silver, and various , largely account for 40% of the total output and, apart , the larger chaos of games are played there, the family harvested war, clan battle, while there will be new Feifei peerage system, knighthood is divided into six class 60 or class can receive the same order of cloak, knighthood decision by the Merit value addition, enhance the way the flight level is largely carried out in the family, players control their air base in time and space inside the boat to kill fly strange, do not speak their own flying experience available, each kill a fly Strange server status will change, as up to a certain extent, the Destroyer door was open, and temporal BB turned out to.

Flyff Love community:
Super Mario is complete, we must make love to start work on the community, and the old Flyff Penya before and there have been lovers, but in addition to be a passion to Pianhun outside, it did not play to what, to be beside the point, so only the sale of chocolate hair, when more than 800 million earned in the service have been among the top 10 wide, and the extent of inflation also conceivable that any serious inflation in the game, certainly not new entrants.

New Flyff community, including the four major systems of love love the system, marriage system, love of family, community systems, more attention to the feelings of love, the cultivation system, focusing on the process, the system may compare the marriage, and on the ground more than put a heart-shaped one've done it, too, in the new Flyff Penya  in so you do not miserly, and The House of Love, hey, this could be enough you play, and love of family will be divided into two groups, will develop a love island, island special production that dot the island, with only the first step of these islands, you can press your own will to repair the pool, the waterfalls, planting flowers or trees, upgrade your house, build furniture, this is a more high-end play, lower end of the couple flying housing, compared with the island, this slightly easier, but also the couple's joint property, the business needs of both sides and decorative, and as the expansion of the community there may be some blame to dig flight chaos there may be small strong bite your furniture.

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