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Most warriors tend to take Glyphs of Blocking, Revenge, and Heroic Strike, which negates the less-rage downside pretty easily. As Wroar has said, and our personal experience reflects this, Devastate just is not worth the GCD when either SS or Revenge is up.

Since Devastate is then used rather sparingly, and Dungeon Fighter Gold you definitely do not want to skip a Revenge or SS proc just to dump some rage, you can use dfo gold  as well as Heroic Strike when your rage permits it. It really does work.


However, we will disagree with Wroar's evaluation of Vigilance(dungeon figher online gold). We are more than happy to lose 2% crit from Cruelty to snag two very awesome abilities. Maybe the numbers work out differently, but we like the idea of gaining threat while stunnedMC dotherwise incapacitated. We are assuming that would work, if not, we have some Dungeon Fighter Online Gold to move. My spec is more or less as follows.You can buy dfo gold.


Well we think its pretty obvious that you shouldnt favor a rage dumping ability over a proc'd SS or Revenge, regardless of whether you spam dev or HS for rage dumping. Even if you go on gcd by using Dev, which procs SS. Yes you might experience a delay of 5sec or 1.0sec before you can hit your SS. But the dungeon figher gold  fact that you got it at all, should be of larger concern. Whereas an HS spamer will not.



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