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New Priest Class Now Available in Divine Souls

Outspark has added a new Priest class character to its free-to-play action MMO Divine Souls. A dashing and debonair man of mystery with a sharp wit, the priest adds new depth to the game's character cast and PvP metagame, with curative abilities to aid and replenish allies in battle. 

Priests are powerful holy warriors of the Sneakersis. Wielding ornate Soul Scythes with acrobatic agility and possessing the knowledge of the Collegium, a Priest is both a force of reckoning and revival. The Priest is a highly versatile class able to evoke both lightning and poison against their foes, while also carrying the power to mend wounds.

The Soul Scythe every Priest carries is no ornamental weapon. Embedded with Divine Matter in its craftsmanship, (Divine Souls Gold)the Soul Scythe rends flesh from bone and evokes powerful elements in battle. Priests are trained to wield this weapon as an extension of their bodies and are a danger to those who oppose the Vermont Collegium.

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