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Just A Closed Beta Review

Welcome to the world of Divine Souls. It is a not-so-corky steampunk world where everything revolves around the Divine Matter. It is a substance discovered by Dr. Charles Burke that was supposed to make interstellar travel much faster and safer. Unfortunately it has kinky side effects such as turning a normal sci-fi into fantasy and stopping right in the middle of it. This means that your characters will have supernatural abilities and will kill both mythological creatures, mutants and robots…and everything in between. Dr. Burke eventually realizes that his creation is evil and forms an alliance on one of the last uninfected with mutants planets to fight the upcoming evil. Unfortunately he gets abducted and you have to investigate what has happened to him. And this is where our story begins.

Character Creation and Gameplay

Well, our story but not our game. After selecting a server and a channel you are greeted by a character creating screen. You can choose one of three classes, one of three faces and three hairstyles for each class, select skin and hair color and you are done. No gender selection also, sorry. The customization really fades in comparison with other games that have come out recently but, hey, are you really going to look at your character’s face and hair that much?

The classes are interesting. There is a sword wielding female named Slasher, a gauntlet wearing macho titled Fighter and a girl with a big hammer entitled Mage. Well, the weapons are not really like that. The sword is more of a bladed whip, the likes of which we have seen in Onimusha 3, Brotherhood of the Wolves and even Hellboy 2. It is primary a sword but it can extend. The Fighter’s gauntlet is pretty much a gauntlet but the guy will hit you with practically every single part of his body – hands, feet, knees even the whole body at once. And the Mage’s hammer is supposed to be a staff but it is still a giant maul… that transforms into a rifle.You must buy Divine Souls Gold in the whole game. Then you can buy more and more useful things to protect yourself.

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