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Masthead Studios Unveils Future Plans for Earthrise

Post-apocalyptic action-shooting MMO Earthrise will be released soon. The developer Masthead Studios just revealed the new contents that will be implemented in the first half.

One of the big new features is siege territories where you and your guild will fight against the other guilds in order to take control of the land. According to Masthead Studios, the capturable territories that cover more than half of the Earthrise map.

At release, you can freely customize your characters with over 100 skills, abilities and tactics that provided and without the restriction of "class". as the roadmap shows, more new skills and tactics will be added and in April, one of the most exciting parts for customization, (Earthrise Credits)the vehicles will be brought to you.

Since all the items in Earthrise are player-created, materials and blueprints are fairly important. All the materials are dropped from loot at release, but you will be able to obtain crafting materials from exploration and practical knowledge of the world update. You can find more details on Earthrise website.

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