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New Players in Twelvesky2

Twelvesky2, you will soon or later find double pulp is the pipa, especially in PvP area. So before making any decision or pick any weapons do you read that bare, the tour guide for flat/play/make/and ..


The sale of public resource

Twelvesky2. How you do so is up to each individual, however there are many things that people do in common to save time. 12sky2 Gold). Use your trade window to store valuables and throw away anything ..


Gaining experience points

Twelvesky2. How you do so is up to each individual, however there are many things that people do in common to save time. Generally, people use the first few columns so that they can quickly replace st..


The most effective way

Twelvesky2: Grinding is fairly easy as long as you follow enemies of the same level. Its not difficult to get 0.5% per kill when soloing and 0.9% per kill when in a share exp party. This exp is pretty..


Welcome to buy

12sky2 Gold PvP, PvE, and buffs. Then, by simply changing you skill bar, you can access any of your skills while keeping pills constantly at the ready. All of these minor things by themselves will not..


Some Tips for Server Go Down in 12sky2

12sky2. We just give it a summary, hope it can drive your attention.12sky2 Gold) at. We just feel sorry for the GUAN clan. This server is depressing, stupid, pointless to play at, untill you players r..


AoE cave spots is a little tougher

12sky2 Gold) since they have to only do 26% damage in the time it takes you to do 51%. When 2 players start about the same time then its not a steal really anyway.Twelve Sky2 Gold When you get to the ..


The Value of Items

12sky2 Gold players can make, yet still players will make more then they did by going to war. It more importantly keeps bots from making the most of the money that can be made in game in the wars, and..


You should try to avoid Angle

12sky2 Gold) 24-25, you should be about 700 for war miniboss scepter of map. Such growth, keep it, they went down the red stripe pink, have enough vitamins. It was cold, HP, 90 km based on the level o..


a good idea

12sky2 Gold).Twelve Sky2 Gold.


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