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New Players in Twelvesky2

When you know the depth of Twelvesky2, you will soon or later find double pulp is the pipa, especially in PvP area. So before making any decision or pick any weapons do you read that bare, the tour guide for flat/play/make/and spend time on game "is a guild/is the most important thing, so the association is a place, you and your friends in a group, and further make it interesting game(Twelvesky2 powerleveling) development and happily.

Fujin Weapons -
* Katana{kat} - Damage Weapon - pretty good for 12sky2 Gold  pvp.
* Dual Blade/Double Blades{db} - awesome for leveling.
* Lute - Good to hunt bosses and to leech!

Guanyin Weapons -
* Blade - Damage{dmg} weapon, good for pvp.
* Sword - good for leveling { defense weapon}
* Marble - again good for leeching or looting.

Jinong Weapons -
*Spear - Good damage, and good for pvp.
* Light Blade{lb} - good for pve/grind since its defense weapon(buy Twelve Sky2 Gold).
* Scepter - Good for boss hunt and looting.


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