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The Value of Items

At m33 war, if you win and get 10 gold, thats 15m. Since we have more purchasing power, people will increase the value of items. An addition to our idea would be to make the Bronze medals worth 100K, Silver medals worth 1mil, and gold medals worth 5mil. And then instead of giving 3 or 10 B/S/M medals depending on level(Twelve Sky2 Gold)/if you win, the GMs could instead drop say 2 silver medals and 5 bronze medals in the M1 war if you lose, and 1 Gold medal if you win. Just the drops as neccesary for whatever level of war, but keeping in mind that you want wars to make the player a lot more money than grinding.

In turn the GM's should also reduce the coin drop rate on all creatures in half. This will help lower the amount of overall 12sky2 Gold players can make, yet still players will make more then they did by going to war. It more importantly keeps bots from making the most of the money that can be made in game in the wars, and reduces what money they already make in half. This in combination with educating the community on how to keep safe from hackers should "clean up" the community like no other.

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