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Daemon Moon Shines

Mythic Entertainment, an Electronic Arts Inc. studio, today announced that the critically acclaimed MMORPG, Uncharted Waters Online: Age of Reckoning (WAR), will host a special live event, Daemon Moon Rising, for a limited time during the 2009 Halloween season. Daemon Moon Rising, will run in-game from October 23rd through November 2nd, and will feature the Daemon Mask event quest, a new Daemonball Rally Public Quest, a special Realm vs. Realm scenario, and treats both fair and foul.

Uncharted Waters Online - Daemon Moon Rising

In Daemon Moon Rising, a fiendish sub-cult of Chaos artificers have bound savage daemons into innocuous carnival masks and smuggled them into the Empire(Uncharted Waters Online Gold). The Daemon Mask event quest will task players with collecting these possessed masks and defeating the daemons bound within. As a reward for halting the menace of the masks, players will receive a souvenir Daemon Mask and a chance to discover the rare and powerful Magus Daemonarium within a sack of sinister secrets.
The Daemonball Rally Public Quest will pit players of Order and Destruction versus one another in a battle to seize the Daemon Cradle and empower the essence of nightmares against their opponents.

"This is a terrifying time of year within the world of  Uncharted Waters Online and the Daemon Moon Rising live event is our way of fighting against the darkness that encompasses the land," said Jeff Hickman, Executive Producer for Mythic Entertainment. "We call on all players to rise up against the malevolent creatures that threaten the land and keep safe the (UWO Gold)Realms. But beware, for under the cold, dark madness of the Daemon Moon, anything can happen!"

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